Proof Load Testing

Proof load testing is required upon installation of any lifting equipment, to ensure it can safely perform to the legally required standards. The tests are designed to ensure each piece of equipment is able to lift a maximum designated load without failing.

Any equipment which may be stressed by a load, such as overhead cranes, swing jibs, davits, runway beams and load support fixtures as well as attachments used for anchoring, fixing or supporting loads such as chains, web slings, shackles and eye bolts may require proof load testing to satisfy the essential health & safety requirements of the equipment.

What can Quill Lifting and Certification do for me?

At Quill Lifting and Certification, we know how important safe machinery is, not just for the protection of assets on site and meeting industry regulations but most importantly for the safety of the people using and working within the proximity of the lifting equipment.

Quill Lifting and Certification can provide proof load testing of new, existing, modified and repaired equipment regardless of the manufacturer or supplier. Proof load testing can be tailor-made to suit our customers individual industry requirements and can be carried out in house or on site at our customers facilities.

Why should I use Quill Lifting and Certification for proof load testing?

Many companies undertaking proof load testing, often issue proof load test certificates which do not always provide sufficient detail, to show the level of force and test duration which have been applied to the test subjects, in compliance with the issued instructions.

At Quill Lifting and Certification, we have invested in the very latest sensing equipment and software, which enables us to produce detailed proof load test certificates, showing load application over time logging graphs. This ensures that our customers receive a comprehensive detailed report that allows them to fully understand the capabilities of their equipment.

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